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Design, manufacturing and service capabilities

MADENTEK has ability to provide reliable, high quality and durable solutions for mining and energy companies that need custom engineered machines and industrial systems. With our extensive experience, we provide efficient solutions that meet your specific needs such as hydraulic and electrical driven machine systems, industrial automation applications, CNC precision machining and repair/maintenance services.


Custom machine design

MADENTEK designs small to big-sized innovative custom systems to meet the changing needs of today's mining and energy companies. Each custom machine design by MADENTEK is based off inventive concepts and new ideas.

We are able to manufacture wide range of custom design machines including hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems for your requirements by meeting with international quality standards.

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Custom system applications

Custom design system applications

MADENTEK is a fully-equipped manufacturing company that able to design, manufacture, assemble and activate all kind of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical equipment.

Most efficient engineering methodologies has to be applied when designing and manufacturing custom design industrial applications. MADENTEK engineers design your system after understanding what you exactly need and decide to the best methods to be executed.

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service and maintenance

Service and Maintenance

MADENTEK has a full service organization that provides a wide array of maintenance and revision. Our field team is available 365 days of the year, ensuring that we are always on hand to provide expert advice and immediate help, day or night.

Our priority is to keep you working. A qualified MADENTEK technician will be with you to support you in a very short emergency response time no matter where you are.

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CNC Precision machining

MADENTEK offers a wide range of custom CNC precision machining services for small, medium and large manufacturing operations for industries such as mining, energy, oil&gas, defense, construction etc.

Our CNC machining service is fully qualified and equipped for producing complicated parts where precision and accuracy are of the utmost importance. We have all the equipment and knowledge needed to produce the best custom-made metal CNC machining parts for our customers.

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Industrial automation

Industrial electronic automation applications

MADENTEK industrial automated machine engineers have taken a unique approach to our design and automation methodology, improving equipment flexibility, lowering cost of operation and improving overall efficiency.

We provide a complete solution ranging from concept development, design & controls engineering, manufacturing and installation of industrial automation systems.

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