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Custom design machine and system applications

MADENTEK provides high-quality services and custom machine systems (hydraulic / pneumatic / electrical) to a wide range of companies in mining and energy industries. We work with global companies and organizations that see the value in getting machinery that’s specially designed and manufactured to help them improve efficiency.

Here are some examples of our custom design machines, systems and equipment;

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders

MADENTEK experted in designing, prototyping and manufacturing highly-engineered hydraulic cylinders (Ø40 - Ø1,500 rod diameter | 1,000 mm-12,000 mm stroke length) for mining and energy industries with rigorous application requirements and challenging operating environments. We are committed to creating only the highest quality custom design hydraulic cylinders that meet or exceed your project specifications.

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Hydraulic systems

Hydraulic power units (hydraulic power-packs)

Whether you have very specific requirements or you just looking for a high quality standard solution, we provide complete hydraulic power units for mining and energy industries. We design and manufacture hydraulic power packs in series, and can design one-off units in a very effective way with our in-house expertise and facilities.

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hydraulic press

Custom hydraulic presses

MADENTEK has an wide range of powerful and heavy-duty hydraulic presses designed to provide long-lasting, precise and safe application of effective force in mining and energy industries. Hydraulic presses require unique specifications and therefore, each press is designed and manufactured according to customer specifications and in cooperation with our design and manufacturing teams.

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hydraulic winch

Custom design winches

  • 1-160 Tons weight capacity options
  • Pulling and lifting crane types
  • Planetary gear or worm gear options
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical drive options
  • Free fall, controlled free fall and free spool options
  • Effective design for usage of mining and energy industries
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Some custom design orders of our customers

Electrical diamond core cutting saw (block saw)

This custom design core cutting saw is developed for a global gold mining company. It is ideal for cutting drilling (exploration diamond drilling) core samples to make them ready for laboratory analysis. It has a portable design and integrated water-misting dust control system. Power: 4kW | Saw OD: 350 mm | Speed: 2.600 rpm | Weight: 185 kgs

Silo cleanout system (hydraulic robotic arm)

Silo cleanout system designed and manufactured for major concrete companies. It has integrated hydraulic power unit and hydraulic driven robotic cleaning arm system. Arm can be reached up to 6 meters diameter and silo system can be operated up to 50 meters of depth. The most important advantage of our silo cleanout system is work safety. Hydraulic silo cleanout system keeps your people out of the vessel. Also this effective cleaning system works without damage to walls, bottoms or linings.