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Custom machine design and manufacturing

MADENTEK designs small to big-sized innovative custom machines to meet the changing needs of today's mining and energy companies. Each custom system design by our engineers is based off inventive concepts and new ideas. MADENTEK has skilled professionals in the mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic fields to provide efficient custom design solutions from initial brainstorm to commissioning.

custom design process

Design process

Design process begins with the consultation procedure. Working under a mutually respected and agreed upon investment of time, capital, and intellect, we work with you to listen and fully understand exactly what it is you'd like to achieve with your machinery.

We push the boundaries of innovation during design process to build you a solution that addresses your requirements with the flexibility to adapt to future needs. We share our experience and insight to meet all foreseeable requirements.

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exchange of opinions

Exchange of opinions

Customer's involvement in the design phase allows our staff of experienced engineers and technicians to understand your objectives and develop effective solutions that integrate into your existing plant infrastructure.

We know the meaningful questions to ask during the initial design phases so that we can gather enough information from you to deliver a detailed and accurate machine quotation and proposal.


Fundamentals of the custom machine design

Throughout the custom machine design and manufacturing process we;

  • Listen to understand common goals and manufacturing objectives
  • Work with you to determine the project scope and all design related aspects
  • Incorporate customized solutions into each machine's design where appropriate
  • Openly communicate key project milestones and dates
  • Evaluate and recommend different options for cost and time savings
  • Develop new ideas to ensure efficiency and sustained machine functionality

quality control

Quality control

The same engineers who worked on the design of your machine will also supervise the fabrication of your machine to ensure absolute production quality. Throughout the manufacturing cycle quality inspections are performed after each operation to verify dimensional accuracy.

Quality control team approves the final product after making sure that manufacturing process completed in accordance with design. We functionally test each machine or system before final skidding, crating, and shipping.

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